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10 reasons to visit Rome in the Spring

Rome is always wonderful but in this article, we will list 10 good reasons to visit Rome in spring.

Visit Rome in the spring: 10 reasons

  1. It is the Birthday of Rome
    Birthday of Rome

    Everyone celebrates their birthday, so why not Rome? Officially, Rome’s birthday is celebrated on April 21, an ancient tradition that Rome was founded on this date in 753 BC. AD by Romulus.

    On the Sunday closest to April 21, re-enactors parade in historically authentic costumes representing different eras of ancient Rome, including the Etruscans. The historic parade takes place from approximately 10 AM to 4 PM.
    Fireworks and light show that year after year, along with historical re-enactments held at the Circus Maximus, make this a highly anticipated that remind s residents and visitors of Rome’s close ties to its distant past whose ancient monuments are still a fabric of this city.

  2. You Can take part Holy Easter Celebrations
    Easter in Rome

    To celebrate Easter, and as the wants the tradition, families get together and organize a lovely lunch.

    As the Vatican City is close to Rome that makes easter more exciting.

    A lot of religious celebration take part in Rome during Holy Week, some of which derive from traditions such as on Holy Thursday the priest washes the feet of the faithful and the Christ washes them for his disciples, eve of the crucifixion. But on Friday you attend the holly Way of the Cross procession and Sunday from Easter at Peter’s Square, the Mass is celebrated.

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  3. Eating gelato
    Gelato in Rome

    Everyone raves about the ice cream in Italy, beware: many are made with artificial colors chemical stabilizers.

    There’s a great guide to spotting good quality ice cream here - in general, bright, bright colors and use of seasonal ingredients. In recent years there has been a new wave of passionate ice cream makers not only using natural and organic, but sourcing from the best producers. The resulting ice cream is sublime and incredibly intense.

    Two of the best are Fior di Luna in Trastevere Neve di Latte, behind the MAXXI in the neighborhood.
    Try the latte fior or the fior de - the simplicity of the ingredients allows the quality ingredients to shine. Likewise, beware if the gelateria doesn't offer more.

  4. Spring seasonal foods
    Roman spring foods

    Lovers of artichokes will be in heaven in the spring, as the locally grown Romanesco variety reaches peak season and be found in different forms in almost every restaurant in town.

    Other seasonal produce such as fresh asparagus, broad beans and peas are piled high and at low prices in the markets.

    May 1st is a national holiday and a traditional one for a picnic with friends, where the snack of choice is sweet young broad beans eaten with salty Pecorino Romano.

    Easter not only brings chocolate but also savory ones like pizza al formaggio and Easter dove sweet, Colomba.

    For a real taste of Roman spring, look for lesser-known locales such as puntarelle, crispy chicory stalks served with a garlic and anchovy vinaigrette, and agretti, sprouts resembling lemon mixed with lemon juice and oil.

  5. Spring in Rome means perfect weather for sightseeing
    Trevi Fountain

    From the end of February to June, the temperatures in Rome are particularly mild. That's why Rome offers perfect conditions for prolonged springtime tourism, without having to sweat or freeze.

    As you may already know, Rome is wonderful to explore on foot. Strolling through the alleys, throwing a few coins into the Trevi, an aperitif on the Campo dei Fiori, a picnic at the Villa Borghese are much more with the spring weather and the singing birds, right?

    Another bonus: if you want to visit some of the best-known ones, you don't have to worry about dress code. Even if the temperatures rise in the spring, you won't be walking around in very short pants, nor will it be warm enough to wear bare-shouldered ones.

  6. Time for a picnic
    Sunny weather and warmer temperatures make spring the perfect time to explore Rome's parks and natural beauties.

    Rome is one of the greenest cities in Europe, boasting a large number of beautiful parks including: Villa Borghese, Villa Torlonia, the Aqueduct Park, and the Bioparco.

    Picnic in Rome

    Rome is not just a city of ancient bricks and cobblestones….You will find many oases of greenery in an otherwise old stone. In the summer, locals flock to the parks for relaxation, escaping the heat, picnicking or various activities. In the spring, these parks are especially pleasant due to the diminishing crowds and the blooming spring flowers and trees

    If you need a break from the Colosseum and Vatican crowds, or if you just need a rest after sightseeing, plan a trip to the park to enjoy a relaxing walk in the have a picnic or rent a bike to explore the park.

    Borghese Gardens
    The most famous park in Rome is the Borghese, also the home of Villa Borghese which one of the best museums in Rome. The grounds are shaded by umbrella pines perfect for spreading a blanket and enjoying a picnic. Secret gardens, temples, fountains, a lake with rowboats, a zoo, cafes and places to rent bicycles make Villa Borghese an ideal park that offers so much.

    If you want to have a picnic in the Borghese Gardens, it has several supermarkets nearby, as well as a Farmer's Market between 8:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. Monday through Saturday for fruit and vegetables wrapping the block from via Metauro via Salaria.
    Convenience stores/convenience stores are also in the area where many locals go to buy picnic items such as bread and deli sandwiches, water, soft drinks, fruit and snacks.

  7. Colorful Surrounding
    Among the things to do in spring in Rome, there is without a doubt also a walk in the streets of the center. The historic center of Rome has been recognized by and has the historical beauty as its symbol by: the Colosseum.

    In the streets of Rome, every step is one wherever you look, you can admire all the ancient works and Roman civilization.

  8. Day Trips from Rome
    Spring is the perfect time of year for a day trip during your Rome vacation.
    There are many beautiful and interesting places within an hour or two of Rome.

    If you decide to stay near Rome, you can opt for an olive oil tasting or you can one of the villas surrounding Rome. But if you don't mind traveling an hour, you can visit Naples or Florence.

    Naples tour from Rome in the spring

    One thing is certain, whatever tour you choose, you won't go wrong. Italy is breathtaking and exploring it during wake up and blossom is a guaranteed unforgettable experience.

  9. A low budget
    Spring in Rome is, except Easter and Pentecost, low season. Flights and hotels in low season are cheaper than in high season.

    Low season also means fewer tourists, fewer queues and, finally, a more authentic city image. The low season with low prices leaves more for pizza and pasta.

  10. Fewer Crowd
    Spring is the perfect time to visit Rome you want to avoid the big crowds, to except Easter week.

    Spring in Rome offers you all the advantages of the period outside the winter season as well as the beautiful warmth which is perfect to visit monuments generally such as the Colosseum, the Sistine Chapel or the du Vatican.

    If you decide to visit Rome in the spring with the idea of ​​saving some money and taking advantage of the preseason.

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