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  • Be stunned by changing from Modern Rome (Piazza Venezia) to Ancient Rome
  • Stroll down Via dei Fori Imperiali
  • Visit the Magnificent Colosseum (outside)
  • Discover how Roman Emperors showed there triumphs ( Arco di Costantino)
  • Wonder at Circo Massimo, Ancient Rome's biggest chariot racetrack

tour description

An In-depth Private Tour 

This tour was especially thought and created for those who would like a more in-depth view of Ancient Rome, the legends and myths that lay underneath. Enjoy a 2-hours walking tour with a private guide to discover the real wonders of ancient Rome and the breathtaking ruins that still stand nowadays. Taking a private tour means that ancient Rome will be brought to life and you will come across amazing facts that you would have never even imagined. This journey will leave you amazed by the most fascinating architecture nearly 2000 years old.

A journey back in time

Meet your Private Tour Guide in front of one of the most outstanding monuments in Rome, The Altare Della Patria, also known as the Vittorio Emanuele II monument. Even though this glorious monument does not belong to ancient Roman buildings as it is a neoclassical completed in the 900's, it sort of designs an amazing border between ancient Rome and the magnificent monuments that lay on the opposite side such as the Trevi Fountain and Spanish Steps. There your journey will begin, just a couple of steps and you will find yourself immersed in the outstanding ancient Roman Ruins. The first monument you will come across with your private tour guide will be the Trajan's Column, an amazing symbol of the Roman Empire triumph in the Dacian wars standing 112 feet tall. Stroll down the amazing Via Dei Fori Imperiali and get the best overlook ever of Roman Forum, the heart of the Empire. Your passionate tour guide will point out the marvelous pagan temples and the basilicas as you will get closer and closer to the Colosseum. Be impressed by visiting the Colosseum (outside ) and discover the history behind Constantine's famous Arch. Walk down Via di San Gregorio whilst your passionate guide recounts amazing stories about ancient Rome's construction and how these monuments survived throughout 2 world wars and thousands of years. 

Circus Maximus & The Mouth Of Truth 

At this point in your journey, you will probably know all about the ancient Roman's lifestyle, architecture and day to day life. Games and entertainment were almost a priority during the era of Emperors and the undefeatable Empire. With your private tour guide, you will come upon another of ancient Rome's famous entertainment sites, a well-built stadium for chariot-racing, the Circus Maximus. The 387 feet wide stadium is situated between the Aventine and Palatine Hill and had sufficient space for over 150 thousand spectators.. three times more than the Colosseum! Let your imagination come to life whilst your tour guide will illustrate all the crazy races and religious parties that used to take place in the magnificent archeological area. Just a 5-minute walk from the Circus Maximus, your private guide will take you to the worldwide famous Mouth of Truth. Standing against the wall of the portico of the Santa Maria in Cosmedin church, the Mouth of truth is a massive disk of marble to whom has been attributed many legends regarding the actual use of the mask. Your private Tour Guide will amaze you by the myths behind the scary mask and illustrate theorists actual conclusions being either a supposed fountain or a drain hole. Get to know why it's called the mouth of truth and if you dare, try putting your hand in.


✔ Piazza Venezia / Meeting Point

✔ Via dei fori Imperiali

✔ Colosseum / outside

✔ Arco di Costantino

✔ Circo Massimo

✔ Mouth of Truth

Know before you go

  • A moderate amount of walking is included in your tour, so comfortable shoes are recommended.
  • Pick up & Drop is available for this Tour 
  • This Tour is available in English and Spanish


from€ 140


from€ 140


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  • Private Tour guide

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