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Top Must Eat Dishes in Italy

Italy is famous for its beautiful landscapes, incredible history and culture but we all know that Italian food is an n°1 on the list. But what do Italian’s really eat every day, just pasta and pizza? The answer is no! There’s more to Italian cuisine than just these 2 dishes. Check out these must eat local dishes of Italy's most famous Cities.


When in Rome


The first mistake that everybody makes is thinking that Pizza is Rome’s main dish. Don’t get me wrong, you can find pizza everywhere but it’s not considered a must eat by locals. Roman Cuisine was highly influenced by Greek back in the years, but also kept that typical Mediterranean way of eating: Simple ingredients. No wonder why one of Rome's most famous dishes is “Cacio e Pepe” (Pasta with cheese and pepper). Pretty simple right? Simple, but extremely tasty and a must eat when in Rome. Another food that all locals eat is “Supplì”, perfect for a small bite if you don’t really want to sit down and eat. Just like the size of a meatball, inside there ’s rice, tomato sauce, Bolognese meat all covered with fried breadcrumbs.


When in Florence


If you ever happen to be in Florence you will definitely realize the most famous dish there: Bistecca alla Fiorentina. In front of every restaurant, you will see these big fridges containing large cuts of T-bone steaks ready to be grilled. Florentine steaks normally weight between 1 and the 3 kilos, but every waiter will ask the amount that you desire. (obviously, the steaks are priced by weight). Make sure you never ask to cook the steak to your like, A true chef will only cook it one way (Almost medium-rare) and probably be offended if you ask in another! Don’t’ forget to ask a glass of red wine to accompany your Florentine Steak, Tuscany has the best-selected wines ever!


When in Venice


Due to its geographic position, when you sit at a restaurant in Venice you will probably find a great variety of dishes based on fish and seafood on the menu. So many different dishes but what one should you choose? Definitely Baccala’ Mantecata”, the main course dish of salted Baltic codfish served with a creamy sauce. Don’t forget to order a dish of “polenta”, a creamy mix of semolina cornmeal to accompany your Baccalà, it will keep your dinner tasty and light!


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When in Naples


When you reach Naples, you can definitely say that their Pizza is a must eat! But… not the normal size pizza that you eat in restaurants. Keep your eyes open while in the city center and you’ll definitely see small stands just outside Caffès, restaurants and ice cream shops. Get a little bit closer you’ll discover a delicacy that you will not find in any other city: “Pizza a portafoglio“. So it literally means Pizza with the shape of a wallet, that already gives you an idea. The best Part of these small-folded pizzas is that they are fried and only cost 1 EURO! So practically, you can have lunch spending less than what you pay a coffee for.

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