Piazzas & Fountains of Rome Private Tour

Private walking tour in the heart of Rome.

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  • Throw a coin in the Trevi Fountain
  • Discover the amazing hole in the Pantheon's ceiling
  • Be charmed by Rome's most beautiful Baroque Piazza
  • Maze at Bernini's famous Fontana Dei Quattro Fiumi

tour description

Discover art with an expert

Either if it's your first time in the Eternal City or if you're a frequent visitor, touring the Center with a passionate expert will give you an unforgettable experience. Explore the many beauties Rome has to offer on this 2+ hour walking tour. Having a private Tour Guide doesn't just mean having somebody that will show you the way, but an expert passionate guide that will explain the creation behind the marvelous piazzas and fountains and be there for you ready to answer all the questions you have. All our Tour Guides are passionates with a degree in art or archeology and will make sure you will have the best time possible. 

A baroque heart of Rome

Be prepared to stroll down the most beautiful cobblestone streets with your private tour guide for a full in-depth tour of the heart of Rome. The Eternal City is famous for its beautiful architecture that has been built in many different centuries and the different styles of art that make the City what it is today. Meet your Tour Guide and start your journey through the amazing baroque piazzas and fountains that characterize most parts of the city center. Learn about the legend behind the creation of Piazza Di Spagna and why Gian Lorenzo Bernini's father built the fountain in the middle of the square. Follow the cobblestone streets to discover the Triton Fountain, the masterpiece that gave importance to Piazza Barberini. Continue with your passionate Tour Guide and right before you know it you will find yourself in front of the breathtaking Trevi Fountain. Can you believe that this fountain is actually one of the oldest water sources in Rome? Take a stroll around Rome's most beautiful Baroque piazza, Piazza Navona. The square was initially built as a stadium and was home to many athletic contests and chariot races throughout the Roman Empire. Nowadays it has become a must-see thanks to the marvelous baroque fountain, The Fountain of the four rivers.

A Private Tour of the Pantheon

Not many people know, but right in the middle of the Center of Rome, stands one of the most ancient Roman Temples. This ancient pagan temple that has now been transformed into a church is almost 2000 years old. With your private tour guide, you will get the chance to enter the Pantheon and have an unforgettable experience. Your expert guide will illustrate the many transformations that this nowaday church has received. You will find the most breathtaking element once looking up to the ceiling. The Pantheons' amazing architectural structure allows an open oculus of 8.2m in diametre right in the middle, but this is not the only reason why it's so famous. Whenever it rains in Rome, even though the Pantheons' oculus is not covered by any kind of material, the rain never comes through! Your private guide will fill you in with even more interesting and amazing facts about Rome and it's history to make sure you leave the eternal city with an experience that will last a lifetime.


✔ Spanish steps

✔ Trinità Dei Monti

✔ Trevi Fountain

✔ Pantheon

✔ Piazza Navona

Know before you go

  • A moderate amount of walking is involved in your tour: comfortable shoes are recommended
  • Pick up & Drop off are available for this Tour


from€ 145


from€ 145


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  • Private expert Tour Guide

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