Colosseum Private Guided Tour with Roman Forum & Palatine

Get ready to explore the battlefields of Ancient Rome.

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  • Enjoy fast track access to the Colosseum
  • Learn about the history of Ancient Rome with a Private Guide
  • Admire the view over Rome from the Palatine Hill

tour description

About your Private Tour

What better way to visit the most iconic monument of Ancient Rome if not with a fully experienced and passionate Tour Guide! Enjoy a full 3-hour Private tour to really get a more in-depth experience whilst visiting. the breathtaking ancient Roman Colosseum. Having a private tour guide means that you will have all the attention you need and ask all the questions you have, your tour guide will make sure that you will have a 100 % customized tour to the wonders of Ancient Rome.

Exploring the Colosseum

Enjoy a fast track NO WAIT access to the Colosseum and avoid hours of long lines and huge crowds. Your Private Tour Guide will show you the way going to the very first tier, were senators and ambassadors used to seat during the deadly games. The Colosseum was built, not only to represent the glory and the power of the Roman Empire but as an amphitheater home to millions of combat shows. Your private guide will bring the Colosseum to life whilst illustrating the battles between the Gladiators, exotic animals, and wild beasts. Let your imagination come to life whilst being surrounded by this once fully covered in white marble amphitheater and the 50,000 spectators that used to fill each and every seat. Your knowledgeable Tour Guide will show you where the animals were kept and how the surprised the crows jumping out from hidden trap doors. Explore the magnificent Ancient Roman architecture and the many stories and legend behinds it.

The heart of Ancient Rome

Stroll Down the Via Sacra to come upon beautiful ancient Roman temples, basilicas and government buildings. This is what once used to be the heart of the Roman Empire. You will encounter the amazing Arch of Constantine, Arch of Titus and the one of Septimius Severus all symbol of the Roman Empire's victories with a real sense of glory and power. Your Private Tour Guide will tell you all you need to know about the roman's lifestyle, religion and conquers. Explore the ancient piazza, also known as Roman forum, decorated with statues of vestas, temples almost 80 ft tall and bronze doors standing over 1000 years. The city will come to life with an expert archeologist and you will almost feel like an expert yourself! Continue your journey to the Palatine Hill, one of Rome's famous seven hills. Its name itself means the hill of the palace, in fact, you will discover the amazing Domus of powerful emperors and temples they had made built to worship their own gods. Nothing will ever feel the same after you experience a private tour of Ancient Rome.

Each and every traveler has their own needs and preferences and that's why our passionate team will help you find the perfect itinerary for you and your family. We love and actually have a lot of fun when it comes to customizing tours for our clients. We will arrange the tour that suits you the most going beyond your expectations! 

Our Private Colosseum Guided Tour can also include: 

  • Colosseum Undergrounds 
  • Special access to the Arena 
  • Extended tour to Circus Maximus 
  • Extended tour to the Catacombs 



✔ Arch of Constantine

✔ Colosseum

✔ Roman Forum

✔ Palatine Hill

Know before you go

  • All visitors will have to go through security check - Security check lines may take up to 20 minutes
  • This Tour is wheelchair accessible 
  • Big backpacks are not allowed inside the Colosseum - No storage is available on spot
  • This Tour involves a fair amount of walking - comfortable shoes are recommended 
  • Pick up & Drop off are available for this Tour


from€ 165


from€ 165


+39 366 9019111


  • Private Guide
  • Fast Track admission tickets

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