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4 Things to do on Halloween in Rome

Everybody loves Halloween, who doesn't? Dress up, trick or treat and knock at your neighbor's door for some good candy. But what happens when your not back home, what to do while you’re in the Eternal City for the night? Here are some tips for the best Halloween in Rome.


1. The Ghost of Beatrice Cenci: have you ever saw it? 


Rome's most famous ghost is that of a young lady named Beatrice Cenci. She belonged to one of the powerful noble families of the late Renaissance and was a daughter to Francesco Cenci, a very abuse aristocrat. Exasperated by his attitude, Beatrice and the rest of her family had no better choice than to try and get rid of Francesco, and all together they organized a plot. The truth upon Francesco's death soon was clear to the papal police and Beatrice and her family were left heading to the scaffold. After her unfair death, she became a symbol of resistance against the arrogant aristocracy therefore thought she still does not rest in peace. It is said that you can see her ghost along the bridge that leads to Castel Sant'Angelo.

2. What's spookier than Undergrounds?


The Eternal city has thousands of years of history, so who can imagine what's underneath? Pretty creepy just thinking about it! One of Rome's most famous Underground sights is the Capuchin Crypt. Beneath the church of Santa Maria della Concezione dei Cappuccini you can see with your own eyes more than 4000,00 skeleton bones. All of them are remains years and are used to "decorate" walls and ceilings of the small chapels below the church. The Capuchin order believes that these remains are a silent reminder of our mortality and the passage of life on Earth.

3. Dress up and visit Trastevere


If “ghostbusting” and visiting Undergrounds is too spooky for you, the best way to spend your Halloween in the Eternal city is definitely dressing up and going to the city's most famous piazzas! With a quick stop at a costume shop, or just something hand painted on your face your ready to go. Where to go? easy, Trastevere! This small cobblestoned area is the best place to go the night when all ghosts come out. You can really feel a true roman nightlife while visiting the many piazzas Trastevere has to offer. You should also know that Trastevere’s neighbor, “Testaccio”, is the best place to keep the ghosts awake all night with its many disco’s and nightclubs.

4. Cinecittà World: Rome’s biggest theme park

Just at the borders of the capital city is Italy’s most recent theme park, Cinecittà world. Sounds familiar? In fact the name “Cinecittà” comes from the cinematographic studios based in Rome and has also the name of its neighborhood. The huge park has many cinematographic sets and attractions and on the night of Halloween, these all become the best spookiest scenes ever! Full of haunted houses and prepared staff dressed up and ready to scare you when you least expect it. The best part of the theme park is that mostly all the haunted houses and shows are based on the most known horror films, no better way to celebrate Halloween!