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Rome: The 10 Most Beautiful Streets to Include in Your Itinerary

Rome is widely famous as one of the most beautiful cities in the world, where magnificent churches, museums, and archaeological sites await you at every corner. But in the Eternal City, the urban fabric is perhaps the most impressive artwork of all. This week on our blog, we are presenting the 10 favorite streets in Rome. From historic Renaissance streets to ancient Roman roads and hidden alleys, make sure to include these 10 beautiful Roman streets in your itinerary!

Via dei Coronari

In the fascinating maze of streets surrounding Piazza Navona in Rome, Via dei Coronari is probably our favorite. Following the path of the ancient Via Recta, the straight road we see today was conceived by Pope Sixtus IV (patron of the Sistine Chapel) in the late 15th century. One of the great urban planning works of the 15th century in Rome, Via dei Coronari was the first Renaissance street to be opened through the dense medieval urban network of the Eternal City.

Via dei Coronari was also the main road that led from the center of Rome to the Ponte Sant'Angelo and the Vatican on the other side of the river, which meant that legions of modern-day pilgrims walked its cobblestones every year on their way to the most important church in Christianity. Always ready to make a quick profit, local street vendors sold all kinds of sacred objects and souvenirs by the kilo to the crowds of devout pilgrims, including the rosaries known as "corone di rosario" - giving the street the name we know it by today.

However, not everything about this wonderful street was so sacred. The elegant circumstances also attracted some of the most famous courtesans of the Renaissance: the infamous Fiametta Michaelis from Florence, lover of Cesare Borgia, had a house on Via dei Coronari. Tullia d'Aragona, whose amorous conquests, including the wealthy Filippo Strozzi, were comparable to her fame in poetry and philosophy, also had a house here.

Today, the street is home to antique shops, art studios, and one of the best places in the city to enjoy gelato.

Via Margutta

Home to the charismatic American journalist played by Gregory Peck in "Roman Holiday" and once the residence of the great director Federico Fellini, this elegant cobbled alley, hidden just off Via del Corso, has been the artists' quarter of Rome for centuries. With its art galleries and painting studios, Via Margutta is a charming escape from the hustle and bustle of Rome's historic center. Discover the works of local artists and be captivated by their talent on this unique street.

The street was once a place where painters would gather to paint and socialize. Today, Via Margutta still houses numerous art studios, and you can visit the artists' galleries or even purchase an original work as a souvenir of your trip to Rome. The bohemian atmosphere and characteristic architecture make Via Margutta an unmissable stop for art and culture lovers.

Via Appia Antica

For a truly unique experience in Rome, you must not miss a walk along Via Appia Antica, one of the oldest and most important roads of ancient Rome. This historic road was built in 312 BC by the consul Appius Claudius Caecus and extended for over 560 kilometers to Brindisi. The road was used to connect Rome to the southern provinces of the empire and, in addition to its historical significance, it is surrounded by stunning natural and archaeological beauty.

Walking along Via Appia Antica, you'll pass by ancient tombs, ruins of Roman villas, and picturesque countryside landscapes. It's a step back in time, allowing you to immerse yourself in the grandeur of ancient Rome. The Appian Way Regional Park, which encompasses the road, offers various walking and cycling paths, making it a great outdoor excursion from the city.

These are just the first three streets on our list of the most beautiful streets in Rome. Stay tuned for our next blog post, where we will explore more charming streets that will make your visit to Rome truly unforgettable!