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All you need to know about Venice

Venice is one of those cities in the world you just have to visit. The city is world-famous, filled with history and bursting with romance. No doubt its charm and elegance will leave you breathless. But, Venice can be tricky. Here are some interesting facts you should know.


1. Venice has its own language 

As Italy became an actual country "just" about 150 years ago, the still nowadays regional dialect is very important for Italians and very used. So if you have already started checking out a couple of words in Italian to make your trip to Venice easier, stop. What could really help you out and also get locals impressed are some words in Venetian. Here are some easy words just to get started:

Do You speak English? -   Te Parli inglexe?

Good morning -               Bondì

Good evening -               Bona Sera 


2. Get traditional water boats rather than water taxis 

What a lot of people doesn't know is that water in Venice causes a lot of damage, some of which is preventable. Fast and large boats create a lot of waves that penetrate buildings' isolation layers and do more structural damage. So whenever you can, use public water boats (vaporetti) or traditional wooden boats that take it slower rather than water taxi speedboats. Even because water taxi speedboats could save a bit of your time but not your money! 

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 3."When the archangel pisses on the basilica, it's going to rain."

The Golden Angel Gabriel that crowns the top of the campanile tower in the Piazza San Marco can give us all a hint on the Weather Forecast. That's right, when the angel turns northeast to face the Basilica di San Marco, it's taken as a sign of shifting winds and coming rain by locals.


4. Avoid the crowds: get up early and stay out late 

When the City you're visiting gets too crowded, you just can't get the best of it. That's why visiting Venice during the early morning (before 8 am) and after midnight could let you admire all the most particular and beautiful landscapes that the City has to offer. Remember that Venice is not just a big attraction for foreign tourists but also for Italians as well, getting up to 20 million visitors a year.


5. Don't feed the pigeons 

 Travelling can be an incredibly freeing experience, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re free to do whatever you want. If you don't want to get fined while on holidays in Venice, Don't feed the pigeons, it's against the law. No one knows for sure how many pigeons live in Venice's 2.5 square miles, but the city estimates there are 40,000.

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